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If you have ever visited the great state of Hawaii, you have probably seen the name Opukea. For example, streets and businesses are named Opukea, and condos for sale and places for rent are called Opukea. But, do you know what Opukea means?

Before we tell you what Opukea means and what it is, let us give you a little background. As you probably know, tourism is the strongest industry in the economy of Hawaii.

However, it was not always so. One industry that used to flourish in Hawaii was sugar production. Sugarcane was all over the islands back in 1778 when Captain Cook arrived.

Sugar production has historically been very strong on the island of Maui. If you visit Maui, one of the first things you will see after getting off the plane in Kahului is the out-of-place industrial sugar mill with the large chimney.

As you explore Maui, you may still see a sugarcane plantation and may be able to take a trip on the Sugarcane Train. If you’re in Maui before harvest, you may also be able to smell the burning of sugarcane.

So have you guessed what Opukea is? Opukea is a type of sugarcane that is grown on Maui - a strong, large, superior sugarcane. It’s the best and sweetest sugarcane you can get.

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